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Our Story

We live in a world where we are challenged daily to address the devastation of worldwide disasters and our daunting responsibility to address them. Amid this chaos, you may find yourself asking:


“What is my responsibility to a world that’s constantly confronted with global crises?”


“How do I take care of others if I am struggling myself?


“Where do my talents and passions belong within my community?”


ADRA’s Community Hub is a network of people like you who interested in transforming their local and global communities. Together, we will ask difficult questions, wrestle with the complexities of urgent humanitarian causes, and discover ways we can positively impact the world around us. All are welcome!

ADRA's Commitment

As a humanitarian agency, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency’s (ADRA) traditional model of service is to develop the capacities of vulnerable communities, so that they will possess the necessary tools for sustainable growth. This model is not restricted to those in need of food, water, healthcare, education, and disaster relief. To achieve a truly holistic approach, ADRA’s Christ-centered mission must also consider those in need of purpose, meaning, and growth, regardless of where they live.

I am encouraged to see ADRA International engaging Adventist young professionals, hearing their perspectives, and helping them to grasp an understanding of the integration and impact of humanitarian work and missions. It shows my fellow Adventist young professionals and I that our church cares and sees us as valuable contributors to the future of Christ's mission.

Tim Kosaka Founder & President - Adventist Young Professionals

Adventist Young Professionals (AYP) appreciates the ongoing partnership and support of ADRA International. Not only has this partnership financially advanced the mission and ministry of AYP, but it has also provided our global community of over 7,500 young professionals with a stronger awareness and passion for the humanitarian work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Tim Kosaka Founder & President - Adventist Young Professionals

We could not have done this without ADR’A help. We greatly appreciate all your organization has to offer and could not be more grateful for the help we’ve received thus far. Finding volunteers that are so passionate and willing to jump in and help a smaller organization like us means the world. What one may see as a simple everyday Back to School/ Back to Work Fair your volunteers saw as an opportunity to serve and connect with people within our community. We truly could not be more grateful and excited to work with you all in the future.

Cassandra Morga, MPH Development Manager at Tarrant County Samaritan Housing

My experience with ADRA’s participation at the convention was refreshing, exhilarating, and encouraging...We had such a great time, made connections, and ministered. ADRA made this possible as they prepared the soil for us

Mechee Cherine Adeventist Young Professionals Chapters Director

At every opportunity, [the engagement team] interacted with people in our community, whether it was at the school, the church, or the local coffee shop, their presence was felt in our community, and it was better because of them. It was this that radically changed people's perspective about ADRA

Oddie Olazaran Campus Pastor

ADRA went from being a distant organization that helps others abroad to a personalized passion for the healing and development of our communities and our world.

Oddie Olazaran Campus Pastor

the partnership with ADRA was a combined effort to reintroduce ADRA to our community as well as promote local activism through our week of prayer and Bridge Weekend

Oddie Olazaran, Campus Pastor

Over the years

  1. March: COVID-19 becomes a world-wide pandemic. Supporters long to connect online and continue supporting ADRA’s work.


    October: The Marketing & Development unit is tasked with embarking on a ‘change project:’ to transition ADRA into its next era. In other words, to help build resilient communities all around the world and provide passionate individuals with opportunities to do so.

  2. Engagement team begins connecting with partners and organizing events in California, Ohio, Maryland and Oregon. Passion projects like Philia and Affinity Worship are formed and powered by ADRA

  3. Social Impact becomes the center of the Engagement Strategy as a specific lens to learn about ADRA’s worldwide development and relief work. A theme launch event was organized in Southern California. The first and our current theme titled ‘Where Do We Belong?” focuses on the stories of those that have been displaced all around the world.

  4. A full year of programming all over the country with previous and new partners!

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